Jongman Kim

Jongman has been a professional actor for many years working with top Directors and box office Korean super stars Won Bin, Suck-Kyu Han, Seung-Won Cha, Ha-Geun Sin. (Korean Oscar winners).  He recently shot (Netflix TV) LOVE Season 2 as a recurring guest star.


A highly recognized character actor he brings a unique quality to every role.   After working in New York for a few years he currently works and lives in Los Angeles. 


LOVE(Netflix)  Season 2. Ep 10        VICTOR(Recurring Guest Star)    Dir. Dean Holland/ Producer.  Judd Apatow

LOVE(Netflix)  Season 2. Ep 11        VICTOR(Recurring Guest Star)    Dir. Joe Swanberg/ Producer.  Judd Apatow


Bloody Hands                               Ho Lee(LEAD)                                 Dir. Jaden Hwang

Succecssor of the Southern..   Master Lee(LEAD)                         Dir.Maytus Chernpipat

Buffer Zone                                    Thanatos(LEAD)                            Dir. Pantha Rahman

Fugitives                                          Soldier Kim(LEAD)                        Dir. William Lee

Forgiveness                                    David(LEAD)                                   Dir. Xiaoyu Zhang
Cookie monster                            Thug(LEAD)                                    Dir. Miguel Gluckstern
Boardwalk                                       Dad(LEAD)                                      Dir. Ougie Pack
The Loyalist                                    Soldier(Co-Star)                             Dir. Minji Kang                             
Murray Hill                                      Myoung-Hoon(Co-Star)             Dir. Juhee Kwon

Eye for an Eye..                               Detective Oh(Co-Star)                Dir. Kyung-Taek Kwak

My Brother                                      Danchu-Gumyung(Co-Star)     Dir. Kwon-Tae Ahn

July 1969 Moon Palace                 Kangwondo(Co-Star)                 Dir. Jun-Han Kim

Punch                                                Waiter(PRINCIPLE)                      Dir. Han Lee



Korean Marine: Fire Arms (M16, K1, K2)

Yoga Instructor(Vinyasa Flow)200 hours Licensed: Yoga To The People NYC

Martial Arts(Tae-Kwon-Do): Licensed








The Head of the Mouse      Arturo Lopez-Brano(Guest-Star)     Dir. Aditya J. Parwardhan







The Dark Side of the Moon         Minion(LEAD)                              The Next Stage Theater(LA)

Zombie's Rule                                  Clark(LEAD)                                 The Tre Stage Theater(LA)

David and Bathesheba                 King David(LEAD)                       The Marjorie.S. Little Theater(NYC)

Flight442                                            Jake(LEAD)                                    The Victory Theater Center(LA)

The Public Eye                                 Christoforou(LEAD)                   Daehak-Ro Theater(Korea)

The Thieves                                      Thief(SUPPORT)                          Mannheim National Theater(Germany)

Macbeth                                           Macduff(SUPPORT)                    Korean National Theater(Korea)

It is so, if you think it is                Ponsa(LEAD)                                Samil-Ro Theater(Korea)

Yee                                                      Jang-Sang(LEAD)                         Chung-Ju Art of Theater(korea)

Feeling like heaven                        Soong-In Jo(LEAD)                      Jeun-Ju Sound of Theater(korea)


# Acted in 40 more plays




























Training & Education

MFA: New York Film Academy(NYC, Los Angeles) -  Acting for Film and Television
The Acting Studio NYC  -  1 Year Conservertory
Yoga Instructor at Yoga To The People NYC  -  in Yoga Teacher Training Program
MFA: Sung-Gewun-Kwan University(KOR) - Performing Art

BA: Korea Maritime University(KOR) - Maritime Environment Technology